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A collection of resources for self-publishers

Self publishing a book can be financially lucrative, open doors to new opportunities, and cement your reputation as an expert in your field. Yet getting from idea to something people can download and read on their devices can feel like a huge challenge.

This site will be the home for a small collection of resources and services for self-publishers. I’m launching with my fixed price technical editing service, and news of my latest book.

About Rachel Andrew

A writer and web developer

I have been working as a web developer since 1997. I founded edgeofmyseat.com in 2001, and in 2009 the company launched Perch - a small, bootstrapped Content Management System. I’ve been writing and editing books for mainstream and small publishers since 2002.

In late 2013 I decided to self-publish a book, and have since self-published a second book. Having had experience of both sides of publishing - working with publishers and going it alone, I understand the benefits and downsides of each route. Via this site I’ll be offering my technical editing services at a fixed price for self-publishers, along with selected resources that I feel will help other people taking the plunge into publishing their own work.

Rachel Andrew

The Toolkit

Technical edit

Fixed Price Technical Editing

When self-publishing a book that is technical in nature you want to be sure that someone has run the code and checked that your examples make sense. This is the job of a technical editor. As an experienced technical author, editor and developer I can take your book and ensure that the code you provide and advice you give is accurate.

My next book

My next book will be on the subject of self-publishing. I’ll be covering all the things you need to know about formatting a book for the various e-readers, and using HTML and CSS to design beautiful PDF versions of your book.

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A Technical Guide to ebook Publishing

Resources & Information

A growing collection of resources for self-publishers. Whenever I find something that I think will be helpful, I’ll add it here.

Let me know if you have a resource or service that might be helpful.


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