The Book Toolkit: a complete guide for the non-fiction self-publisher

A toolkit to guide you through the process of writing, formatting and publishing non-fiction books

What is The Book Toolkit?

I’ve been an author of technical and business books for over ten years. I’ve written for a number of publishers but have recently turned to self-publishing. My last two books were self-published, and since their successful launches I’ve helped a number of authors with the logistics of self-publishing.

The Book Toolkit will be a concise yet comprehensive handbook to help you publish your next book. A practical guide answering the questions you might have from someone who has been on both sides of the publishing/self-publishing equation.

Table of Contents

The toolkit will cover four main areas. The initial writing process; turning the manuscript into the various e-book formats; selling the book via your own site and via Amazon and other distributors; getting the word out and promoting your book.

Writing and Editing

  • Tools for writers
  • Getting organised and getting things done
  • The editing process

Designing and Creating an E-book

  • The e-book formats
  • Options for creating an e-book
  • Working with HTML and CSS
  • Tips and tricks for specific types of content, for example images and code
  • Buying ISBN Numbers
  • Add-on content or packages, creating additional content to go with your book

Selling Your Book

  • Pricing a book
  • Selling from your own site
  • Selling via the Kindle Store
  • Selling via iBooks
  • Selling via other marketplaces
  • Tax implications, including up to date information on EU VAT legislation

Marketing and Promotion

  • Building interest before launch
  • Planning your launch
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Promoting yourself as an expert
  • Public speaking and “book tours”

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